20 new pics at the Gallery
37 new pics at the Gallery
37 new pics at the Gallery
Liv did a series of print ads for Maxx Royal Resorts - which is a luxury resort brand (Liv and family visited one of them in Antalya last summer), some of them with heiress Lula Rose:

(credit: James Brown Agency, Maxx Royal Website, Maxx Royal Facebook)

The gorgeous ads can be found on magazines (Mary reports that 3 ads can be found on ELLE Russia, December issue)

(On the left)
Liv posted (Facebook, Twitter) this cute photo of her and Kit Harington supporting BBC's Children in Need charity:

"Get your ears on and share a selfie for BBC Children in Need! Buy online or on the high street"

(On the right)
Rianon posted some interesting photos in our forum of Liv shooting a new Lux shampoo commercial last week in London. If true - that will be the third time Liv is working with Lux Shampoo (1996, 2001 and 2017) - check some more photos at the forum

Liv is on the cover of Glamour Hungray (December issue).

Glamour Hungary posted this sweet photos of Liv holding the cover on their Instagram:

They also posted a short video from the Triumph event in Shanghai - on their YouTube channel.

If you happen to have the scans (and/or translation) - !

Thanks to Nicholas and Alice!

Update: Apparently Liv is featured in ELLE Russia (December issue) in 3 ads for Maxx Royal Resort (Thanks to Mary for the tip!) - if you happen to scan it!

As the 3rd and final episode aired last night in the UK, Liv posted some great photos from the Gunpowder set on her Instagram, with cast members Kit Harington, Peter Mullan, Mark Gatiss and Tom Cullen

Liv as Anne Vauxwith Tom Cullen and Kit Haringtonwith Mark Gatiss

Shaun Dooley (yes, that's the "bad guy") also posted some lovely photo from the set with Liv and Peter Mullan (his alleged "enemies") - on his Twitter

Gunpowder may finished it's run on the UK, but for US (and the rest of the world) it will be aired on HBO starting December 18th (and for three days in a row)

The third and final episode of Gunpowder - tonight (Saturday) 21:10 on BBC One!

Meanwhile, watch a short interview with the cast on BBC website

Liv posted a some great photos and videos from her visit to Shanghai, for the launch of "Essence" by Triumph

Triumph also added a short clip from the event on their Facebook

Click here for Liv's Instagram

Click here for Triumph Facebook

Liv posted the cutest photo on her Instagram:

Happy Halloween from Sailor and Lula !!!!

(A colored photo can be found at Liv's fiance David Gardner's Instagram)

Not only that, Liv has also posted two fantastic photos from the 50's, one of her dad Steven Tyler and his sister Lynda, and one of her mom Bebe Buell - all dressed properly for halloween!

And what about Liv herself? We guess that she's still at work in Shanghai, maybe next year :/

Great news for US TV viewers (and not only) - HBO has acquired the rights for Gunpowder and will air all it's three parts - three days in a row - starting December 18th!

Read more at Medium.com and TV Line

For UK people - the third and final episode will aired this Saturday on BBC One UK.

Liv is in Shanghai, China, to promote Triumph Essence.

Some photos can be found on social media: here, here, here, here, here and here

Also a new behind-the-scenes video was posted on Triumph France facebook!

Update: More photos and a report at Daily Mail!

Update 2: Even more photos at Newscom and GettyImages

Update 3: And on Triumph Lingerie Instagram

Update 4: More reports at Daily Star, Express and Daily Mail

Update 5: Short video from the event at Triumph Lingerie Instagram!

Tonight (Saturday) 21:10 on BBC One - the second episode of Gunpowder!

Meanwhile watch the teaser trailer for episode 2 at BBC One Facebook!